Information for Employers

An initiative to support employers in sharing good practice, resources and training.

We want employers to be confident at engaging with female students to encourage their progression into STEM based study and careers.


We will be offering a range of activities, resources and opportunities to inform employers about how to connect with students.


We will facilitate interactions with key contacts in your area to support your companies remit or objectives around supporting women into STEM.


Training sessions which include resources to expand your portfolio of STEM based events.


Networking Events in your area to share good practice.


CPD opportunities for staff.


Contact for further information.

If you are planning on promoting your business at a local STEM event see this handy exhibitors guide with tips on what to think about to make your stall stand out from the crowd and engage your target audience.

Exhibitors guide to Events

Follow these links to find useful resources and information about women in STEM.