Upcoming Opportunities

Schools across York, North Yorkshire and East Riding would like to invite employers and organisations to engage and inspire their students and to support better preparing their students for the world of work and their next steps.

We have collated the attached menu of upcoming events and activities for you to be involved with across our area and potentially over 10,000 plus students will be involved and we would like to invite you on behalf of the schools to support these activities. please view the attached document to see what is coming up in the future around you.

Successful Futures Opportunities for Employers January 2018

The activities featured on this menu are part of our Successful Futures Programme dedicated to supporting and engaging employers with education. To find out more about our Successful Futures Programme head over to our funded offers section or use the following link. http://nybep.org.uk/schools-and-colleges/funded-opportunities/

We will be collating further school activity dates that employers can be involved with across this academic year, over 30,000 students will benefit from this programme and we would welcome your support.

If you are able to be involved please email us at events@nybep.org.uk with the dates and schools that you are able to support and we will send you further information. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us on the below details.

Tel: 01904 567 616

Email: sam@nybep.org.uk or events@nybep.org.uk