Post 16 Work Experience

We were delighted to receive the following feedback from Elliott regarding his placement in Canary Wharf, London. He certainly seized the opportunity with both hands and the company was equally impressed with him, saying “Everyone he met loved him and he is a real star with a promising life ahead of him.”


“My Work Experience Placement through NYBEP was in One Canada Square for the Canary Wharf Group PLC. In an incredibly modern office, my team in Business Appraisals and Development Management were extremely welcoming and offered all their assistance in constantly keeping me occupied with something to do. Working in such an illustrious place of work such as Canary Wharf has further inspired me to follow a career in Finance, and offered an amazing insight into the professional environment. As a property development company, I developed an understanding of their future developments, opening my eyes to the numerous career paths you can follow, from engineering to finance. I also was able to work with a variety of sectors, such as with Sustainability and with the Financial Analysis team. I’m highly doubtful that anyone could provide you with a better placement than working in Canary Wharf, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.”


Elliott, Year 12 Student