Maths Month

At the beginning of the year we announced that the inaugural Maths Month North Yorkshire Coast will take place in March. This project aims to change perceptions of maths and numeracy across the area.  Working with schools, teachers, families and the wider community, Maths Month will attempt to change the perception that not being good at maths is ok and encourage students and the wider community to share in a love of maths.

We are pleased to announce that the website for Maths Month North Yorkshire Coast is now live and can be accessed at:

On the website, your school can sign-up to opportunities from our free menu of maths enrichment activities across the North Yorkshire Coast. These include the bestselling children’s author, Kjartan Poskitt, delivering his exciting ‘Murderous Maths’ shows for pupils and Bruno Reddy, of Times Tables Rock Stars, delivering sessions for teachers on teaching times tables for automaticity and understanding. All events and activities are completely free. Travel subsidy and reimbursement for cover costs are also available.

Keep an eye on our website and social media as we provide updates on new events and activities.

We are also keen to support schools to deliver their own events and activities. The Maths Month website also contains resources and advice for running your own event. To make this process as simple as possible, Maths on Toast will provide training on running a ‘Festival of Triangles’ – a series of events for pupils culminating in an evening of fun hands-on activities for parents and children. The Opportunity Area is providing training and equipment for the Festival of Triangles to schools free of charge.


Whatever events or activities you choose to run in your own school, please register them on our website. In this way we can share your great work and encourage the whole North Yorkshire Coast to share in a love of maths.


Finally, whether you are attending an event, or running your own, let us know how Maths Month is going using #MathsMonth on social media.

Maths Month Letter for Primary School Head Teachers

Maths Month North Yorkshire Coast Poster