An amazing insight into the finance sector

In this case study, we hear from Ben – a Year 12 student – about his work placement with Deutsche Bank.

“My work experience through NYBEP was with the company Deutsche bank; I was based in the Willis Building in the City of London Financial District. I worked in Deutsche Bank’s Group Audit sector; however I then was placed within two different sub divisions whilst I was there, these were the Chief Operation Office Audit Team and the External Vendor Audit team.

I enjoyed my experience with both groups and found it very beneficial as it allowed me to see how there is so much more to a bank than what I first thought. I was taught about risks associated with third party vendors, also I have learnt how to analyse different types of data to mitigate risks involved.

I feel as though this experience has really benefited me and has encouraged me to further pursue a career in banking, as the experience was such a good eye opener as to what the area has to offer.

I am thankful for the opportunity that Deutsche bank has offered me, and I truly believe no company could have assisted me and provided a better experience.”


Ben – Year 12 Student